Disease name in Alphabetical order

We have listed the Diseases in Alphabetical order for your Convenience. Suppose if you click on the letter "B" all the Diseases name starting with this letter "B" will be displayed.
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Disease List


Treatment For Tonsilitis

Virusex capsule morning and night two times per day. Eat Athimaduram. Neeli Avuri, Easwara Mooli. Use Akkara for gargling.

Treatment For Tooth Pain,

Herbex tooth powder use it cleaning the tooth and massage the gums with this tooth powder. Thulasi tooth powder, Kathakkambu, Kasukkatti, Thoothuvali ver, Kalnarparbam, Poonaikkan Kungulium. Poduthalai juice mix the coconut oil boil, use this oil to wash your mouth for 5 minutes daily two times. Fired Serangottai and fired Kandangathiri whole plant mix the powders together & apply for mouth wash. Kandangathiri fruit fired grind in gingelly oil and put in sunlight for one week. Apply the oil for tooth problems.


Treatment For TB, Kasa Noi

Teebiex capsule 1-0-1. Teebiex soup morning and night two times per day. C95 Select Pramanthandu H228 whole plant with flower & seed dry it in sunlight and burn it. Collect tha ash powder fine quality. Put one pepper size ash in on teaspoon cow butter, mix well and eat in early morning for 40 days. Pramanthandu leaves powder mix with money, keepit. Eat peanut size 2 times 40 days. D271 Pramanthandu leaves powder, White Charanai root. Lothrapattai H522. Lothrapattai kasayam.

Treatment For Tonic

Sirupulladi Vallarai, Nelli, Kasukka Lehium, Neernulli seeds + Murungai seed, Nilapoosni root/seed, Boomisarkkarai kilangu. Poonaikkali, Nilappanai, Amukra, Sadavari.


Treatment For Throat infection

Virusex capsule morning and night two times per day. Adhimaduram powder half teaspoon morning and night two times per day.

Treatment For Thyroid

Thumbai leaves, flowers, Kayakalpamex soup morning and night two times per day.


Treatment For Testicle's Swelling, Vidhai veekkam

C43 Prepare Pepper Rasam with handful Kodiveli H248 leaves drink one cup use it in noon meals also. Parisa vaivu will be cured within 2 days, C110 Handful Poduthalai leaves + 7 garlics grind and eat in morning for 3 days, C126 Mudakkatran H476 leaves + Nilavarai H378 leaves + Uthamani H75 each handful add 200ml water boil it to 100ml drink it in the morning for 21 days. Give one or 2 days break in every 3 days medicine. D259 Nochi leaves 20gms + etti seeds sseval 10 gms + 3 Country egg yellow liquid + 250ml goat milk + Sambirani 10gm = Boil and add 250ml neem oil again to get red colour. Apply for paralaysis. Murungai Pattai tea. H44 Aali vidai Syrup. Apply touch me not H355 leavs paste on testicles externally.


Treatment For Tic cough, Vikkal

C10 Amman Pacharisi H15 leaves grind & eat Amla size daily 2 times C, 100. D281 Thulasi leaves + Thippli = Honey. Ash of Peacock hair + ash of Seruppadai + ash of pepper + Thippli ash, mix all the powders. Eat one gram in honey two to three times per day. Valamburi powder 2gm. Lotus seed powder and Aamai oduparbam equal mix. Eat 3 pepper size 2 to 3 times per day.

Treatment For Tobacco poison

Pukaiyillai visam. Tobacco poison Remover Adathippoo cook & eat.
Tobacco poison Remover: Agathi tre flower cook & eat.


Treatment For Tonic, Asathi

Sirupulladi, Vallarai. Nelli, Kadukka Lehium, Neernulli seeds + Murungai seed, Nilapoosani root/seed, Boomisarkkarai kilangu, Poonaikkali, Nilappanai, Amukra, Sadvari.

Treatment For Triglycerides

See Cholestral treatment, follow it to reduce Triglyceride also.