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Treatment For Impotency

Adultex and Honeymoonex capsule, soup, Lehiyum paste, take each items two times per day. Eat Srimoon sooranam powder one tsp two times per day. Apply Sadavari oil in night in urine parts. Drink two drops jyothi caraway oil daily once. Take infertility treatment also.

Treatment For Indigestion

See Digestion increases. Read and follow the diet as explained in the book Miracles of Natural Diet Cure written by AVG Reddy's, to get the latest reasearch results in herbal cure for all your health problems.


Treatment For Infertility, Malattuthanmai

Adultex and Honeymoonex capsule, soup, Lehiyum paste, take each items two times per day. Eat Srimoon sooranam powder one teaspoon two times per day. Treat white discharge by giving AVK capsule and Keelanelli capsule. Verify for periods problems excess period, short flow period, delay in periods and painful periods, and treat them by natural herbals expalined here. C14 Ajapurisaka handful + one tsp pepper grind to paste, eat half in the morning and other half in the evening. Continue this for six days to clean uterus. Sadakuppai H 269 + Karuncheeragam + Maramanjal + Palm jaggery, powder all, eat 2 gram powder in sombu kasayam. D29 Aalam H41 fruit, Aalam Viluthu grind lemon size and eat 40 days for energy. Infertile couple without joining together eat this 40 and join after 40 days Athi seeds Kalarchikkai leaves + pepper + garlick = grind & eat amla size. H94 lveli leaves seeds all power, eat 2 gram with jaggery. Sadakuppai H 269, Black Cumin, powder 2 gm with jaggery 3 times per day in Sombu water. Infertile ladies have to drink Garudanex oil 5 gm during periods time.


Treatment For Inflamations--( Thadippu)

Kudal Vadham : Neeli Avuri sooranaam Nanjaruppan root kasayam, Easwaramooli pepper.

Treatment For Insomnia

Babies sleep upto 18 hours per day. The sleep will reduce due to age. Adults sleep 7 to 8 hours per day. In bed starting time think about your work done on that day. Realise the mistakes done by and plan to rectify it in future. For married couples night work with your life partner slowly without tension, with complete satisfaction will help you good sleep. Plan your next day activities, Then tell any prayer slogans like Aum Namo Narayanaya Namaha 108 times. Normal Adult will sleep before that 108 slogans. If sleep in not coming then read good books about halth and happiness. Before going to bed drink lotus flower tea. Grind Kasakasa, Jathikkai and Kurosani omam in water, eat Amla size daily two to three times per day. Reddysherb products : Sleepex soup 2 to 4 cups per day.



Treatment For Intestine Vadham

H508 Vilalarisi cook and eat., 5 gm Vetpalai seed kasayam boiled to 100ml.

Treatment For Irritable bowel

Drink 5 gram Sabja seed porridge daily, two times. Drink Nathaisoori seed coffee two times per day.

Treatment For Itching Body, Arippu

C106 Handful Poovarasu H438 flower boil with 200ml, drink half in the morning and other half in the evening. Kanchan Korai paste apply. Apply Kuppaimeni paste on body. Apply skin Bath powder instead of soap. Amman Pacharisi eat and apply with Vasambu and induppu. Take bath with the powders of black seed, jungle almond, Karunjeeragam, Thagarai seed, Seemai Agathi, Nilavembu, Ajapurisaka, Poongavi mud. Dermetex Bathing Powder, Arugambul oil. Vetpalai oil.