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Disease List


Treatment For Stomach Pain

Amman Pacharisi, White Ashgourd, D 235 Nagathali flesh 5gm grind with 5 pepper and 1gm salt and swallow. D135 Paymiratti leaves juice 30ml. Nelvelai H350 seeds powder 3 gram eat.

Treatment For Skin Diseases, Psoriasis

Dermetex capsule 1-0-1, Dermetex soup powder one gram in boiled water moning and night two times per day. See Psoriasis treatments. C50 Seenthil + Sivanar Vembu + aged Neem tree bark + Akasa Karudan + China bark all 50gm, H380 Jungle Almond, H185 Black Seed, Cut & grind all, add 2 liter water boil to one liter, filter add castor oil 500ml again boil to get skin oil to drink. Drink this oil 2 teaspoon 2 times per day. H 94 lveli leaves seeds & all powder, eat 2 gram with jaggery D98 Vallarai leaves paste apply. D249 Neychattikeerai 200 grams Gingelly oil 300ml boil, cool & filter. Apply this oil for skin Diseases. Sivanar Vembu. Pungan H431 root milk apply on wounds. Pungan H431 oil apply on skin to get beauty. Thuthi seeds powder 2gm.


Treatment For Scabies, Itching, Sirangu, Sori, Arippu

C52 Cheruppadai H313 leaves dried powdered mix with coconut oil to prepare oinment & apply, C106 Poovarasu H438 leaves ash in coconut oil apply D238 Nayuruvi h369 leaves paste apply in night on scabies and wash in the morning. Kuppaimeni leaves + salt grind and apply full body.

Treatment For Sleep-Good

Lotus flower + puppy seeds grind eat lemon size 2 times per day. Lotus tea. Jathikkai, Kurosini ommam lotus & Kasakasa all equal = powders.


Treatment For Sexual Power Inceases

C115 Magilam H444 flower kasayam 50 ml in milk. H141 Vishnugranthi H512 leaves paste raw with garlick & cumin seed; good for nerves weakness also. Murungai seeds milk-super.

Treatment For Sinus

Nasiyam : Kuppaimeni, Veliparuthi, Keelanelli all equal grind, mix in cloth dry in shade and make small cigarates - Inhale the smoke. If power high dip in neem oil before fire it.


Treatment For Snake Bite, Pambukkadi

Drink Erukkan leaves juice spoon by spoon upto going to hospital. See poison bit. Saltless kanji is the diet. D272 Pramanthandu plant juice 30ml to drink. Apply on bite place. Erukkan Elai 2 leaves eat.

Treatment For Soups

Add Athimaduram to all soups and medicines.


Treatment For Swelling Body, Udal Veekkam

C20 Oomathai H81 leaves paste apply on the swelling, C46 cook Kovai H263 leaves in neem oil, on swelling., C70 Kasayam of Nayuruvai H369 root 97-c Apply virali H505 bark paste on swelling. D308 Poovarasu leaves cut fry in neem oil apply on swelling and tie a cloth above it. D248 Neychatti keerai root kasayam. Murungai Eerku soup pregnant swelling reduces. Salt + Tamrind = grind & F37 apply. Neermulli Sambal + cow urine= apply + F118, F113 Mookarattai Ver Tea, Soorya Gandhi oil apply.

Treatment For Swelling Stomach, Mahodharam

Edemaex capsule 1-0-1, Edemaex soup morning and night two times per day. C74 Neermulli H384 leaves + Nayuruvi H369 leaves + Gadi water or east = keep for 4 days filter and drink. C107 inner bark of poovarasu H438 handful + 200 ml water boil to 100ml, filter & drink, daily 2 times for 7 to 21 days.


Treatment For Stress

Lotus tea will reduce tension. Jyothi caraway oil one drop morning and night will remove tension.

Treatment For Sex forget

Vilambala odu Bilva fruit skin Bark Powder. Eat it to leave family and to become Sanyasi. It will stop all sexual feelings. Useful for all swamiji ( Sanyasi ) to forget.


Treatment For Sexual Power (Vayagra Tab)

Vellerukkan Boo 125 gram, Salmisri 30 gram, Jathikkai 30 gram Grambu 30 gram powder all Jathikkai 30 gram, Grambu 30 gram, Powder all and grind in original rose water . Make pepper size pills. For 48 days eat one tablets in milk in night.

Treatment For Sexual Power Increases, Bogasakthi

C115 Magilam H44 flower kasayam 50 ml in milk, C141 Vishnuganthim H512 leaves paste raw with garlick & cumin seed; good for nerves weakness also. Murungai seeds milk-super.


Treatment For Sinusitis, Sinus, Peenisam

Herbex Sinusitex capsule morning and night two times per day. Herbex Sinusitex surnam one gram morning and night two times per day. Apply 2 drops Sinusitex oil on nose Arathai H18 powder one gram 2 times per day. Velaikeerai sakkai tie on head. Saranai ver. Sadakuppai H269 powder it. Eat one gram with jaggery, lungs cleaner. Sadakuppai H269 powder it. Eat one gram with jaggery.

Treatment For Sleepex tea.

Jothi Sleep Tea : Jathikkai, Kurisini Omam, Lotus and Kasakasa.


Treatment For Sore throat

One drop jyothi caraway oil will cure sore throat. Akkkra root one gram powder mix with water and use it for gargling. Take Virusexe one capsule daily two times.

Treatment For Sperm Increaser, Spermatorrhea

Vindhu Koodum. Thandu viruthi. C9 Amman Pacharisi H15 leaves raw/ powder / tea. C50 Seenthil + Murungai flower & seed + Poonaikkali + Madana Kamapoo + Sadavari = prepare soup & drink 2 times daily for 48 days.