From Dr AVG Reddy

Respected brothers and sisters, I wish you all a good morning. I extend my heartfelt thanks to tyou for giving me this golden opportunity to share my Nature cure Herbal cure and Diet cure knowledge with you.

All living beings of this world like horse, elephant, deer, camel and zebra in the forest, leads a healthy and happy life, by selecting and eating, their correct foods. Forest animals will never get Asthma, BP, Cancer, Diabetes and Kidney failure. Animals grown in our house will get diseases because we are giving our wrong food to them. Only as human beings, the people of this world are fighting with diseases always, because of their wrong foods. Select hunger monkeys; keep cooked foods like idli, dosai, vadai, rice and also Natural Raw foods like fruits, coconut and vegetables in a plate. Allow the monkey to eat. They will select the Natural Raw foods like fruits, coconut and vegetables as first food. Human body is a like a monkey, in body organs, so like monkeys our first choice of correct food is Natural Raw foods like fruits, coconut and vegetables.


The world is filled with 75% water, our body is filled with 75% water, and like this our food should be natural filled with 75% water. All fruits, coconut, and vegetables contain 75% water. Four kilo of these will come to less than one kilo when it is dried in sunlight. By eating always cooked food like rice and dhal we manufacturing a foul smelling bad odour waste collection inside our stomach. This foul smell bad odour enters inside our full body. If we are putting a cap on the head the cap is giving foul smell, if we are wearing Banians in the chest, and under wears below hip, and shocks in the foot, all are giving this foul smell bad odor. Top to bottom human body is eliminating bad odor always.

This accumulation of foul smell is creating diseases in our body. Select ten beggars from the street and keep them in a house. Without any fruits vegetables and greens, give them 100% wrong foods like Sweets, Laddu, Mysore Pauk, Alva, Mixtures, oil fried potato Chips, Fried rice, oil fried Chicken, oil fried Muttons, oil fried Dead fishes, dried fishes and salt full pickles unlimited quantity. Within one month all of them will get severe diseases like skin disease, body swelling, Asthma, BP, Diabetes, Heart problems and Kidney problems. All of them will refuse to eat these wrong foods with in 20 days. Now feed all of them with fruits and vegetables as main raw diet 70% and cooked vegetables and greens (without oils) 30%. Within two weeks all of them will get super health improvement, they will get perfect health within one month.

Peoples are getting thousands of diseases due to wrong foods. Asthma, BP, Cancer, Diabetes, Eczema, Fever-virus, Gastritis, Heart problems, Infertility, Jaundice, Kidney problems, Leprosy, Memory loss, Nerves pain, Obesity, Piles, Quick discharge, Rheumatoid arthritis, Skin diseases, TB, Ulcer, Vision problems etc are all diseases invited by man by eating wrong foods. Diseases are the punishments for our wrong way of eating and wrong way of living. There are only ten to twenty diseases which are due to virus and germs example Typhoid, Malaria, Small Box, TB, AIDS, VD, Cholera etc. These diseases are also due to wrong foods only which is also explained here later. If you are taking juice diet therapy for one month, 80% of all diseases due to viruses will also be cured. If a room is dark, put a light, the darkness will disappear. Like that in this human body –room, the diseases- darkness will disappear if healthy foods- the light enters into the body.

The Human body is the best doctor in this world. Pregnant mothers will get breast milk only after delivery. Before delivery no breast milk will be given – it is the order of the human body. If a finger is cut in one accident the body says bring that finger and join it, I will accept. If a diabetes patient is getting a big wound in a finger, then the body says remove that finger, otherwise all my other parts also will be affected. The body is converting all your food into blood, muscles and bones. There is no factory to manufacture blood from food. Our body creates antibodies in our blood to eat disease viruses and germs. For example if there is HIV virus in the body, then the body will create antibodies to kill that HIV virus. In blood test for HIV, we are testing for the presence of antibodies to HIV, not for HIV viruses. If there is small pox, our body will create antibody to small pox viruses and within two to three weeks this will eat and swallow all small pox viruses and cures small box quickly, if tender coconuts and fruits are given as main food daily. Our body will maintain good health if you are feeding it with good natural foods.

Our babies can grow from 4 kilo at birth to 7 kilo within one year, by eating Tin packed drinks as their main food. Horse, Camel, Cow and Deer if they give birth, the new born calf may be 20 to 30 kilo by weight, but they will grow to 200 to 300 kilo by weight within one year, by eating raw diet like green grass, herbal leaves, fruits and vegetables as main food. One groundnut planted in a mud will grow and yields 30 to 60 groundnuts within three months. The groundnut contains Protein, Starch, Carbohydrates, Fats, Oils, Vitamins and Minerals. We are not giving milk, egg, mutton to feed this groundnut plants. By using the sunlight, air, water, and earth as food, all the plants are ready to manufacture Protein, Starch, Carbohydrates, Fats, Oils, Vitamins and Minerals.

Like animals our human body also can manufacture blood, muscles, bones, etc and like plants our human body also can manufacture Protein, Starch, Carbohydrates, Fats, Oils, Vitamins and Minerals if the sunlight, air, water, and earth filled fruits, vegetables, and seeds are given as food. You can live up to 300 years with super health and happiness if you are eating natural food. Yes a new born Rabbit – Hare matures and attaining age in 3 months and its life is 3 x 20 = 60 months. A goat – sheep is coming to age at 6 months and ready to conceive, its life is 6 x 20 = 120 months. It means a goat can live for 10 years. A cow or a horse which is coming to age after 12 months from birth, i. e one year. Cow or a horse is living (1 x 20 = 20 ) up to 20 years. Like this a girl or a boy attaining puberty, coming to age, ready to conceive, at an average age of 15 years. So man has to live up to 15 x 20 = 300 years. Our 300 year life span is reduced by us, by wrong eating and wrong way of living. A fish living in water will not live in land. But a frog can live in land and also in water. A healthy man is like a frog, he can eat all foods in this world, but a sick man is like a fish he can live only in water filled natural foods. A fish if jumps from water to land it will not live. Like this a Jaundice patient or a heart attack patient jumps from Natural good food to Mutton Chicken biryani he can not live.

Eat foods which are Creating lives: If cereals and dhals are grounded to flour and kept in kitchen, within 3 months insects will grow. Like the insects in our head hair, living insects like bugs are growing in the powders of all natural leaves, flowers, roots and seeds. If you collect these bug insects which are running & put them in Tin foods (Korlikplanmvita), all insects will die within one day. All tin foods filled with preservatives which will never allow or create living cells. If you are eating always preservative foods, then your body will fail to create live cells in your semen and ripe eggs in uterus. You will not get child after your marriage. Broiler chicken – will not lay eggs. They are infertile. If you are eating always Broiler chicken, then you will not lay eggs, uterus will not produce eggs and all sperm cells in your semen will loose their mobility. That means you will never get child after your marriage.

Nowadays the eggs are also infertile, Leggan egg will not fetch to give hens. If you are eating daily the eggs which are not giving chicken, you will become infertile & impotent. The hospitals for infertility & impotency are growing very well, because of these infertile generating foods we are eating. So if you want grand son grand daughter to your son and daughter you have to feed them with the food, in which the lives are created. For example fig fruits in the tree are always filled with insects, the malganguni seeds are filled with insects like bug within ten days.

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