VIRUSES: We are thinking that virus and germs are the main reasons for diseases. Select a healthy rabbit, dear or goat. Cut them into pieces, keep them in a room and close it. Test this flesh no virus & germs. Select a healthy cow; get milk from it. Test it no virus & germs keep it a room & close the room. Bring a bucket of drainage water & keep it in a separate room. Test it the report says there are ten thousand viruses per gram.

Open all these three rooms after ten days. The flesh, mutton kept room is giving very foul smell, not able to enter that room; the milk kept room is also giving foul smell. It we test this mutton & milk now they are having more than 20000 viruses and germs in one gram. If we eat them we will become sick. So the microgerms in the air will enter in all the decayed foods and will grow as viruses & germs. For viruses and germs, decayed food is the food to grow. Dr.N.C. Beechamp who is eating fruits and vegetables only drank TB, cholera, malaria viruses, no TB, no cholera, no malaria attacked him. The germs and viruses searching for their decayed foul smell foods inside the body. Since it is not available in a natural diet body, all the germ and viruses are crying for food. The body says why you are crying. See there is a way to go out. The body sends all the viruses and germs through urine and stools. So you can live healthy up to 300 years if you are eating the correct food. If you are injecting viruses and germs inside one apple, carrot or banana all the germs and viruses will die within ten minutes, but if you are injecting viruses and germs inside a boiled apple , boiled carrot or Idly , vadai, the viruses and germs will grow 100 to 200 times with in one day.

In a vegetable market if there are vegetables and greens which are more vegetable and greens which are more than 2 days old, at cheapest price you are not ready to purchase them. You want only fresh vegetable and greens for you are thinking old vegetables and greens lost their vitamins and medicinal values but you are not thinking that all the vitamins and medicinal value will be destroyed when the vegetable and greens are deep fried in oil. All raw diets are having 75% water which is world best medicines for our illness. Natural foods cooked without oil, salt, and vanaspathy are also a good food for the growth of the body.


We all are using herbals in our daily food. Example curry leaves, Coriander leaves, mint-pudina leaves pepper, cumin seeds, ginger, lemon etc., like these there are hundreds of herbals leaves, herbal flower, herbal seeds and roots which are giving very sweet taste in cooking. Example Iruvatchi H60, Peepul H17 tree leaves, Rose flower, Lotus flower, Avarai H43 flower, Nerunjil H390 seed, Singada H396 seed, Sadavari H325 root, Nannari H364 roots are good taste to cook and eat. There are many herbals whose medicinal value increases when it is boiled or cooked. After cooking they are ready to expel the medicinal properties. If you are giving Arjuna H456 bark kasayam to a three times heart attacked patients, he will get 100 % healthy heart and no scanning will says that he is a old heart attack patient. Rose flower tea cools your body. Lotus flower tea removes the tension in your mind and cures all mental problems. Vallarai H490 leaves are good antibiotic and cures skin diseases. Manathakkali H323 leaves and Fig H10 tree fruits and vegetables and leaves will cure ulcer within a two weeks.



If any body says that the herbals are working very slowly, ask them to eat 5 seed of Aralikottai H21( Ganagale seed, Ganneru, Nerium odorum- botanical name) seed; you will die within ten minutes, if you are eating 5 seeds of Nux vomica H83 ( visamuti – etti –huchla seed – kanchi )seed, you will die within 5 minutes. There are many poison plants which will kill us with in ten minutes. Like these there are many herbals to treat 20 years old skin diseases asthma with in 20 days. If you are eating Drumstick H478 leaves juice 50 ml your high BP 200/130 reduces to 130/90 within one minute. Kadukurohini H114 root five grams with ten gram palm jaggery will cure jaundice within one day. The herbals Vallarai H490 will increase memory. The herbal Ganja H104 (Cannabissativa – Indian Hemp) will destroy your memory. Kurosany oman H98 increase the sleep, Tea leaves kasayam will decrease your sleep. Umathai (Dhatura H81) seeds will change your mind to madness; Nagalingam tree fruit will change the madness to normal.

The herbal Neermel Neruppu H385 will cut flesh, the sadhaiyotti leave will join the flesh. Kadukkai H115 – haritaki will increase loose motion. Masikkai H461 will stop the loose motion, Sadavari will increase mothers milk –– jasmine applied to breast will stop the mothers milk immediately, mavilangam bark tea will increase the periods flow to ladies, Asoka bark tea will decrease the periods flow to ladies, Infertility – Arasu will increase the fertility , Poovarasu will stop the fertility. Hunger: Omam– thyme seeds will increase the hunger, Nayuruvi – kadaladi - Rough chaff seeds malt will decrease and stop the hunger for 6 months. Urge for sex: Aswakantha H14 will increase the sexual feelings and the wood apple fruit skin will decrease the sexual feelings. Like this there are many Herbals to increase and decrease the health activities of body.

Jails – fruit garden

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