People suffering from skin diseases for a long time get good health by our Natural Herbal medicines within two or three months. This means that the Herbal Medicines work very fast. Examples :: Aralikottai powder, when consumed kills a human being within minutes. Similarly herbal seeds like Nux vomica (Ettikottai), Nervalam, Odukanthalai, Erukakampal kallippal are also poisons which also can kill human beings soon after consumption.

By God's creation, disease curing herbals are abundant in this world. For example, 100 ml drumstick juice reduces high Blood Pressure within one hour. Nerunjil Kashayam cures urine flow problems within two days. Five grams of Kadukku rohini in palm sugar cures jaundice within a day. Likewise, people suffering from chronic diseases for over a long period can get back their good health within a few days by the natural herbals

Dr. AVG. Reddy's famous book MIRACLES AND WONDERS OF NATURAL DIET CURE explains about the about the herbal leaves, roots, barks, seeds, flowers, vegetables and fruits. Herbal plants can be dried in shadow. They should be powdered to be used. Dr. Reddy challenges to treat the patients without any side effects, back effects and any other reactions. It is better and easier for cancer and kidney patients to get our medical guidance at the beginning stage. By following his medical advice people will get complete cure for their problems and have a very good health for which we recommend only Natural Herbal medicines.


AWARD : Rupees one lakh:

"By following Dr. A.V.G. REDDY'S advice eighty Patients out of hundred will get very good health within one month. We are using only the edible herbal plants which are not having side effects back effect and reactions. No Metals and Chemical poisons are used to prepare our herbal medicines. Who proves that the above statement is false will be given rupees one lakh award

We give advanced consultation with special care.
We offer A/c room with steam and sona bath facility.