HERBEX Genuine Natural Herbal Food Tonic Products for Patients. Export Quality. Naturally and Organically grown Herbals used. Free from metals and chemicals.

Guarantee: Super Health improvement guaranteed within 48 days, without side effects. Inpatient Hospital with 30 beds are available for chronic patients including Cancer and Kidney Failure. Herbal Tonics available for various diseases including Cancer, Kidney Failure, HIV, HBV, Psoriasis, Jaundice etc.

M.L. No: AY640 / 25D, Mfd by SDHP Ltd,
10/3 Ramasamy Raja Street, Arumbakkam, Chennai, India 600106.

Dr AVG Reddy, MSc, PhD,
E-Mail: avgbabu@vsnl.com.
Phone : +91 - 44- 24753503, 24757917.
Herbal Products code No: 1 to 42 is available as Soup powder, Tea, Capsule, Surna, Lehyams, and Oils. For quick result Patients are requested to select minimum 3 items from capsule, soup, surnam, tea, tonic and oil
Usage & Dosage:
Capsule: Take one capsule two times per day with our hot drinks kasyam
Powder: Eat one gram powder in water or in Herbex Kayakalpa kasyam..
Soup: Put 5 gram powder in 200 ml water, boil filter and drink. Tomato, onion, mint leaves etc can be added for taste
Hot Drinks: Strong Herbals with bitter taste. Put 5 gm powder in 200 ml water, boil, filter and drink
Lehyam: Eat 5gm to 10 gm Lehyam two times per day
Oils: Apply external oils in night or at any time. Some oils can be taken internally. Drink that oil 5 ml in night
Contains - Usage & Dosage