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Treatment for Asthama

Prepare and drink Dr AVG Reddy's Asthmex soup. Asthmex capsule one two times per day. Asthmex Lehiyum one teaspoon two times per day. Use Kabmex capsule and soup. Use Srisith capsule and Kadukankeelagu capsule. Kuppaimeni + Thumbai grind mix in water, squeeze & get jice 50 ml, drink in monitoring & evening, Adathodai + Thoothvalai + Mussumusukkai powder them & get 2 gm 2 times every day. Tualsi oil taste it by tongue halfdrop two to three times per day. Eat White Charanai root. Thetran seed powder good. Eat Erukkan flowers with equal pepper grind to powder & eat 100 mg two times per day. Smoking can be done by the leave of H81 Oomathai leaves and flowers. Adathodai + Pepper + Ginger or dried ginger Kasayam 3 to 4 times per day cures Asthma. Vellerukkan Boo 125 gram, Salmisri 30 gram, Jathikkai 30 gm, Grambu 30 gram. Powder all and grind in original rose water. Make pepper size pills. For 48 days eat one tablets in milk in night

Treatment for Allergy

Virusex capsule one capsule two times per day. Eat Athimadram powder one gram daily morning and evening in water. Eat Neeli Avuri herbal powder one gram per day. Drink AVG Kasayam morning and evening two times per day, a hot drink prepared by boiling one gram powder in two cups water. Eat one AVK capsules daily morning and evening


Treatment for ANEMIC, LOW BP

Prepare and drink Dr AVG Reddy's Anemic soup called Heamobex. Drink Kayakalpamex soup two to 4 times per day. Increase digestion by Digexe remove constipation by Bowlex to cure Anemic. Yellow kaisalai soup. C40 Kuppaimeni Karisalai Siru Cheruppadai mixed powder. Rathnabrush, Amukra, Poonaikkali, Sadavari, Mix all these available herbal powders, eat one to two teaspoon daily morning and evening in water or with any fruit juice. Virali + Vallarai + Lotus flower = powder 2 gms.

Treatment for Acidity

Acidity is releived by taking coriander seeds and cumin seeds powder along with jaggery in water or boiled water. Burning sensation after meals also disappear. Activity is releived by drinking Banana stem juice, radish juice or carrot juice. Eat Srisiranjeevi powder half teaspoon in water. By drinking orange juice or pineappale juice wit roasted cumin seed gives good result in acidity.


Treatment for Acne

Clean your make up daily at night, if possibler stop using face powder, and face cream. Apply the paste of cold curd mixed with Multhani mutti on the dace for ten to twenty minutes then wash the face. Apple Amman pacharisi leaves paste or subja leaves paste, or Mint leave paste on the face for ten to twenty minutes then wash the face. See Blood purifier and eat the blood purifier herbals daily two times.

Treatment for Aids, HIV

Virusex capsule 1-1-1. Elicevikkerai cook and eat. Periya Kattamanaku milk 3 drops in rice kadi (Neeragaram ) for all infections like fevers and jaundice also. Sengaluneer kilangu F136, Siru seruppadai, Kottai karantha grind any one or many eat Amla size. Dr AVG Reddy's Noi Ethirppu Mooli eat one tablets 2 times per day. AVK eat one tablets per day.


Treatment for Amebic dysentry

Amebic dysentry, Ulcerativive colitiss : Vetpalai pattai 30gm + Mambaruppu 15gm kassayam morning and evening. Masikkai 1gm powder. Kaduukaipoo 1gm powder to eat in fruit juice. AVK eat one tablets 2 times per day. Kilanelli eat one tablets 2 times per day.

Treatment for Angina - Chest Pain

Eat raw ginger and raw garlic a small piece with jaggery to get immediate relief. Eat Srimass capsule to remove any block in blood circulation. Lotus tea. Arjuna bark tea. Hibiscus - Sembaruthi flower tea are good.


Treatment for Appendix

Eating fenugreek seed's powder along with jaggery daily in the morning cures appendix

Treatment for Arthritis

Cut raw potato into piece without peeling off the skin and prepare it's juice and drink it for relief in Arthritis. Soak 1kg Kaucha seeds - (Poonaikkali) in water in the evening. In the morning peel off the skin and dry the inner part in the sun. After it is dried grind it into powder . Take 3gms of this powder along with 1gm Aswagandha's powder along with warm milk in the morning and at night for relief in Arthritis and Paralysis.

Treatment for Asthma Soup

Drumstick Vegetable Soup, Murungaikkai