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Treatment For Liver problem

Keelanelli, Karisalai grind to paste and eat Amla size. Sadakuppai H269 power it. Eat one gram with jaggery, lungs cleaner.

Treatment For Loose Motion

Loose motion to stop : See Diarrhea and Dysentery.

Treatment For Leprosy,Tholu Noi- Kustam

C96 Select Pramanthandu whole plant with flower & seed dry it in sunlight and burn it. Collect the ash powder fine quantity. Put one pepper size ash in one teaspoon cow butter, mix well and eat in early morning.


Treatment For Ladies diseases

Ladies diseases : If a lady gets unconsciousness frequently the by having dates for few months reqularly cures Hysteria. Grind Garlic and inhale it to cure unconsciousness of Hysteria. Mix ripe banana, amla juice and sugar. By drinking this mixture, white discharge and excessive urine diseases cured. By drinking rice starch along with a pinch of cumin seeds and sugar powder cures white discharge ladies. White discharge diseases is cured by eating one ripe banana along with ghee in morning and evening. By taking asafoetida the womb is contracted, mensuration becomes proper and also cures stomach pain. By taking amla juice along with honey, the burning sensation of female's generative organ is cured.
If a lady gets severe pain during mensuration or if the mensuration is irregular then eat sesame. Boil one Tola of Black sesame in twenty Tola of water. When the water reduces to five Tola, add jaggery in it and again boil it. By drinking this water, you get proprer mensuration. By eating raw onion you get proper mensuration and you don't get pain. If you get excessive bleeding and giddiness during mensuration, then by drinking the mixture of Tulsi juice and honey gives good result.

Take 3 Tola of Fenugreek flour, soak it in 20 Tola's of milk at night. In the morning heat 5 Tola of ghee add Fenugreek flour soaked in milk, mix it well and take it of from the gas. After that put 2 Tola of jaggery in it again mixc it well. By feeding this mixture to the pregnant lady of 21 days she gets proper breast milk. By having cumin seeds lady's breast milk increases after delivery. By having roasted asafoetida in ghee cures giddiness and labour pain of pregnant lady. Grind Tandarja's root, mix it in rice starch. By drinking this mixture, pregnant lady's bleeding is cured. If a pregnant lady does not feel hungry then make her to eat the mixture of 1/4 th teaspoon of bishop weed powder 2 teaspoon green ginger juice and jaggery in the morning will increase the hunger. Pregnant lady's complaint regarding vomiting indigestion, swelling of belly, labour pain etc during pregnency is releived by taking approximately 1/2 teaspoon of bishop weed seed's powder along with cumin seeds powder in warm water everyday in the morning and at night. soak cloves in hot water. Make a pregnant lady to drink this water to cure her vomiting. Pregnant lady's vomiting is cured by drinking the mixture of 1/4 of teaspoon of coriander seeds tea. Pregnant lady's vomiting and nauseating sensation is cured by eating oranges. By having the mixture of seasame barley and sugar powder along with honey stops bleeding of pregnant lady. Ladies who do not get enough breast milk then prepare roasted garlick and give them to eat to increase the breast milk. Pain during delivery is reduced by drinking Thulasi leaves juice. By having the mixture of 1/2 teaspoon dry ginger powder and 1 teaspoon jaggery in the morning and at night cures womb defect and the womb becomes strong.

Pregnency is avoided by having one cloves everyday in the morning for 40 days. Poovarasu bark juice will stop fertility, good for family planning. Excessive bleeding during mensuration is cured by having ripe banana along with ghee and jaggery. By drinking 100 gms of carrot juice everyday gives immediate result in excessive bleeding. Filter the fresh cow dung of a healthy cow with the help of a cloth and extract 75ml juice of it. Mix same quantity of cow's milk in it and feed this mixture to the pregnant lady if her child is dead in the womb so that it helps to easily remove the dad child. Take 10-10 gms of Amla, Myrobalan dry mint, pepper root, dry ginger, fenugreek seeds and 5gms of salt, mix all the items and mae a powder, add 10gms jaggery, prepare tablets of 5-5 gm in garlic juice and have this tablet with water after delivery.


Treatment For Lungs, Liver cleaner

Sadakuppai H269 2mg powder with jaggery. Karisalai & Keelanelli plant grind and eat. Poolapoo kasayam.