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Padukkai Pun: Banana leaves bed is very good to cure sore. Apply Thiruneetrupachilai paste cure bed shore. Apply Thiruneetrupachilai paste, turmeric paste, honey on bed shore wounds.

Treatment For Blood increase

Rathna Brush, Nilappanai, Sadavari, Boomisarkkarai, Poonaikkali, Amukra. Heamobex soup, Adultex lehiyum

Treatment For BRAIN TONIC

Moolai Valara : Prepare and drink Dr AVG Reddy's Memory Tonic soup called Brainexe. Vallarai, Korai kilangu, Nilappanai, Neer Brahmi, Thothuvalai, Karuveppilai, Ladies finger, Cheppangilangu.


Treatment For Back Ache

Learn to use Arthrex, Vdahmex, Capsule suranams, soups and pastes to treat Back Pains. Apply Sadavari oil also. Vadha mooli capsule and Gastrex capsule also will help.

Treatment For Back Bone Boils

Raja Pilavai : C43 Kodiveli leaves and root and kovai leaves grind and apply. Tender coconut, Amla (Nelli), Methi (Vendayam) are good to reduce the heat in the boils. Srivirus Capsule one morning and evening.


Treatment For Back Catch

Iduppu Pidiupu : C110 Poduthalai leaves 5gm + 6 garlick slice + 10 pepper + sukku 2gm grind and eat for 7 days in empty stomach.

Treatment For Back Pain, Muthuku Vali

Apply paste of mustard, Murungai bark, garlic & Eerkku + F22, Nochi Kasayam, Vadhamooli kasayam, Mudakkkatran kasayam, Kodiveli & Amukra kasayam.

Treatment For Bad Breath

Wash your mouth with Herbex tooth powder, eat Gobichandan powder one gram two times per day.


Treatment For Bathing Powder

1. Siryanangai, Neem leaves, Poomisarkkarai, Jungle Almond, Pungan seed, Multhani matti. 2. Balck seed, Thagarai seed, Adutheendapalai, Kuppaimen, Ponngavi mud.

Treatment For Blood in Motion

Ratha Bedhi : D109 Kanam Valai H 190 + Durva grass H28 grind and take one teaspoon, D341, Mantharai flower soup cures bleeding files also. Impooral ver, Thuthippoo cook eat.


Treatment For Blood Vomitting

Ratha Vandhi : D341 Mantharai tender flowers Kasyam 100ml morning and evening cures blood vomit & blood motion. Imporval Ver(Chayaver) - F41, Thuthippoo cool eat. H44 Aali vidai Syrup.

Treatment For Blood Purifier

Ratdham Urpatdhi : Vetpalai Arisi + jaggery. Eat one teaspoon, morning and evening 2 times per day. Neeli Avuri, Easwaramooli, Thumbai, Ajapurisaka, Vellarugu, Keelanelli.

Treatment For Body Swelling

Udal veekkam Soup : Murungai ilai eerkku, Neermulli

Treatment For Bone Broken

By eating garlic buds, frying it in ghee joins the broken bone and releives the fracture pain. Eat Agar Agar - sea weed boiled with water. Eat the powder of Vajiram - Pirandai.

BP High, Adhika Ratdha Alutdham

Hyperex capsule, Hyperex Lehiyum - paste. BP Prepare and drink Dr AVG Reddy's BP soup called Hyperex. Lotus flower cook and eat. Mookarattai Ver Tea, Cook and eat Puliyarai greens with garlics. F137,F98. Eat one gram garlic raw daily. Eat powders of Puliyarai keerai, Murungai & Kovai leaves. Kovai thandu & root powder eat 2gm. Drink Maruthambattai Arjuna bark kasayam daily two times. Cook and eat drumstick greens with garlics. Thulasi and lotus will reduce tension of BP patients.

Treatment For BP soup

Puliyarai keerai, Murungai, Kovai

Treatment For Blood Increaser

Rathna Brush, Nilappanai, Sadavari, Boomisarkkarai, Poonaikkali, Amukra. Heamobex soup, Adultex lehiyum


Treatment For Breast Increase

Mulai Parukka : White Nimadrinku roots grinded in Kadi and apply on breast. Eat Mutherukkanchevi root grinded Amla size daily. Apply Sadavari oil mixed with almond oil on the breast.

Treatment For Breast Milk Increases

Thaippal kootta : C31, Kalyana Murungai leaves cook & eat with green grams. Start one month before delivory. D177 Tharaippsalai keerai grind and mix lemon size with one cup hot milk and drink. within 7 days breast milk increases. Murungai Drumstic leaves cook with garlic and eat. Drink Sadavari soup or Eat Sadavari powder one teaspoon. Amman Pacharisi soup, Raw coconut.


Treatment For Burning foot

Burning foot and hand, Karapatha janni: Mookarattai Ver Tea, Pitha sooranam.

Treatment For Burning Sensation

Burning Sensation in foot and hand. Mix raisins with ginger juice to releive burning sesation. Take Coriander seeds and Cumin seeds powder 5 gram. soak it in water at night, filter it, add jaggery and drink in the next morning to cure burning sensation of stomach, hands and legs. Burning sensation of whole body and of the sole of the foot is cured by intaking cardamom and amla powder together. Put one lemon juice in a glass of water, mix little sugar in it and drink it to cure burning sensation caused due to acidity.

Treatment For Bed Wetting

Eat Adultexe paste, Adultexe soup two times per day.


Treatment For Bladder infection

Neeli avuri capsule, Viruxexe capsule, Nerunjil surnam are good. Urinex capsule soup and pastes are good.

Treatment For Blood in Urine

D174 Kumari H153 flesh wash cut & swallow upto 300gms in empty stomach. Amman Paccharisi, Kathakkambu, Manathakkali, Nerujil, Srimass, Athikkai.