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Treatment For Constipation

Bowlexe capsule, Bowlexe soup, Bowlexe lehiyum, H-284 Sivadai root boiled in milk remove middle nerve powderit. Mix with Haritaki powder and eat., C112 Ponnavarai H320 leaves + seeds grind to paste and eat lemmon size in rice water ( Neeragaram ), * C115 Magilam H444 seeds one teaspoon powder in ghee. Eat Koyya fruit. D326 Poonnavarai leaves & seeds kasayam, D334 For age old patients to get good motion eat Magilam H444 seeds powder, one teaspoon in ghee. Kadukkai Kasayam, Kakkanam seeds powder one teaspoon. Athikkai cook & eat.

Treatment For Cancer, Putru Noi

Purasu - Palasu tree leaves juice or powder one gram daily. Nithyakalyani root two gram boil in water and drink. Jyothi caraway oil one drop daily. Vishnugranthi suranam one teaspoon morning and night. Eeswara Mooli, Uthamani, Giranthi Nayagam, Peesang, Thoothuvalai root, Serangottai ghee, Pavalamali seeds kasayam, Pappaya leaves soup, Unriped chiku (Sapotta) fruits, Uthamani plant 5gm grind with 3 peppers and eat.Thikkamalli paste grind with water & apply on cancer mass. Cancer patient in food eating condition are requested to stay in Dr AVG Reddy's hospital atleast for one month.


Treatment For Chest Burning, Nencherichal

Kostam + Athimaduram-f136, Eat Athi and Manathakalli seed powders one teaspoon. Eat Pitha sooranam one teaspoon.

Treatment For Chest Pain, Mar Vali

Gastex capsule soup and Lehiyum. 38 Kuppaimeni leves powder + Sukku one tsp mix with garlic boiled milk and drink, Srigas Vaiyvu Sooranam.

Treatment For Cholera, Bedhi

Cholera Loose Motion: Eat Masikkai, Thetran Kottai, Adividayam powder in honey.


Treatment For Cholesterol

Cholestral is reduced by eating dry fenugreek seeds. White Karisalanganni surnam one gram morning and night two times per day will reduce Cholestral. Eat Srimass capsule daily one. Drink Kayakalpmex soup daily 2 to 4 cups.

Treatment For Cirrhosis liver, Peru Vayiru

Arga Lavanam - Velerukku riped leaves equal weight Induppu mankavasam varatti pudam. Get the ash. Mix one gram ash in one cup butter milk two times per day. Jaundice - Oothu kamalai, Swiling body, all liver problem will be cured.

Treatment For Cold Fever, Kulir Kaichal

Coldex Capsule. Drink Feverex tea two to three times per day H108 Perunthumbai leaves boiled & squeezed juice drink 30ml two times per day cure in 3 days.


Treatment For Cold, Phlegm, Chali, Kolai

Coldex capsule and soup. Srisith capsule, Kadukankeelagu capsule. Karpuravalli juice and kuppaimeni juice drink 20ml daily morning. Thulasi oil one drop to tase it. Coldex ointment to apply on chest and forehead. White Charanai root, Adatodai tea, Musumusukkai powder, Thoothuvalai. Use Kabmex surnam, soup.

Treatment For Coufex tea

Jothi cough tea : Parpadagam, Sukku, Adathodai, Milagu, Thoothuvalai, Thipili.

Treatment For Cough tea

Parpadagam, Sukku, Adathodai, Milagu, Thoothuvalai, Thippli.


Treatment For Cough, Irumal

Coufex capsule, Coufexe soup, Coufexe Lehiyum. C8 Amman Pacharisi H15 leaves grind to paste and eat lemon size in empty stomach. C12 Adathodai H34, leaves cooked & squeezed juice 50ml drink in empty stomach. Kandangathiri H118 leaves juice 20ml with honey. Kandangathiri H118 root tea (Kasayam) 50ml *C50 Seenthil H293 root or stem Koraikilngu H262 Arathai H18 tea ( Kasayam ). C 86 H210 Pannaikeerai seds powder one tsp two times per day. Cheruppadai H313 juice in honey cures cough. Thulasi H348, Select Pramanthandu whole plant with flower & seed dry it in sunlight and burn it. Collect the asp powder fine quality . Put one pepper size ash in one tsp honey, mix well and eat in early morning for 40 days. Kanchan Korai leaves tea., Eat Kumari powder, or Dried jinger + Piper lognum powder in honey Adathodai tea. Dhavanam soup. H44 Aali vidai syrup. Eat Kattucheeragam Powder 2mg 2 to 3 times per day.


Treatment For Cut Wounds

Vettukkayam : C44 Kodukappulli H256 leaves paste apply on wounds.

Treatment For Cyst, Fibroids, Masses, Sadhai Valarchi Kattigal

Srimass capsule 1-0-1. Garudanex oil 5ml to drink C47 leaves juice 20ml of Kiranthinayagam H196. *D165 Silanthinayagam leaves paste Amla size. Kalyana Murungaippoo + Milagu= eat in 5 period days 3 months, Sivnaar vembu surnamone gramto eat daily.