Dr. AVG Reddy's - Training on Miracles & Secrets of Herbal Cure - Every Month on 2nd Saturday and Sunday (2 days - Fees Rs. 1000/- only inculding food)

Time : 9am - 5 pm

Venue : Dr. AVG Reddy's Hospital (Arumbakkam) for details in English and Tamil click below


Please come, send SMS if you are coming, which helps us to prepare lunch meals without shortfall

  • Our Next  training date is from JULY 14 TO 16
  • SECOND Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Fees Rs500 per day which includes food. 
  • Free stay in yoga hall available.
  • AVG Reddy training Books Rs2000/- and ten dvd Rs1000 is optional but it is worth for ten lakhs in value.
  • DNYS 3 years course is Rs6000/- but Rs4000 discount for training attended students
  • Our Next  training date is from JULY 14 TO 16
  • SECOND Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Training with foods is Rs .2000
  • Dr AVG Reddys training Books total 6 nos is Rs2000
  • Ten DVDs at cost   Rs2000 is available at 50% discount for Rs1000 on training date.
  • Optional Dr Sakthivel training books is at etc cost

Our Next  training in Tamil date is from March 17, 18, &19 Saturday to Sunday on Naturopathy & Herbal Tranining Camp
Venue : Dr. AVG Reddy Hall, Arumbakkam,
Chennai 600 106

Fees Rs. 4000/-

Our Next  training in Tamil date is from 16th, 17th & 18th December 2017 on Naturopathy & Herbal Tranining Camp
Venue : Dr. AVG Reddy Hall, Arumbakkam,
Chennai 600 106

Fees Rs. 4000/-

My Dear Sir / Madam/ friend,
We are conducting training for the last 25 years, every 3 months once on “How to cure all diseases by diet”. You can open hospital and you can treat any disease after my training.MY NEXT TRAINING DATE details are below.
Dr AVG Reddy Hospital, 4 Duraisamy Raja Street, Arumbakkam, Chennai 106.
Date: Dec 16, 17 and 18.  Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Time 9am to 6pm.
Fees: Rs4000/-
Please attend  my training for three days  from  Saturday to Monday.  Our training will teach you with scientific proof on how to live in this world  for 300 years  with youth , health , strength and  energy and also  how to lead a happy  life with wife and children.  
Our Next training details are as below. Training is  in Tamil. Training will be conducted always between  Saturday to Monday only. All main theory will be finished in this three days but subjects to read in home for 3 years will be given in a  single data DVD. Some printed  Books important  for training will be given free in the training.  Many other important  for Rs3000 is avail;able for sale is optional.
For correspondence course, the  Training fees  is Rs6000/- Twenty  DVDs and some important Printed traiing books are available for correspondence course students. 
Books worth for  Rs3000/- will be given to all students.
Training Fees is Rs4000/-  which includes food, TRAINING books and Diploma .
Free lodging in training centres is available at request. Poor students can stay at free of cost in my hospital Yoga training hall, during the training periods. Bring bed sheet to stay.
A/C room for stay in training period is available for VIPs in advance booking
at Rs750 per day. Come  before Friday night for training,  sleep well in night  to attend the  next day training freshly. For 3 days From Friday to Monday during this training,  you can book for a non A/C bath attached double bed rooms in my hospital at Rs1000/- for 3 days.
 Always  you are welcome and you can finish all your work in Chennai by staying in my hospital at Arumbakkam only 5 KM from central,  at Rs500 to Rs1500 per day.  Food herbal coffee , herbal tea is at  Rs300 etc per day. For Nature cure treatments like Mud bath Banana leaves bath, steam bath, Tub bath, full body massage, acu treatments all are available at etc charges of Rs500 per day.
 DVD for 900 herbals photo with details name in all languages
and uses, and video cinema of herbals, yoga VCD for many  hours, 
How to do Pranayam and  yoga lecture are available at Rs200 per DVD.
Tamil speech for 200 hours about   above 200 herbals are available in audio DVD for Rs200.
Book on Antioxidant
Book on pH value
Book on  Fats the Essetial Fatty Acids – EFA without which we can not live.
Book on Cholesterol, LDL & HDL, how all of them are best for our health,
Book on  Homocysteine,
Book on miracles of natural diet cure
Book on fasting cure
Book on short falls of vitamins minerals causes diseases, how to rectify it
Book on the secrets of  herbal cure for all diseases.
Many books will be given in training,
But 1000 of subjects , hundreds of  books on nature cure herbal cure and diet cure are available in DVDs at Rs200/-. All trainees last time cried with tears telling  that we are very late for this training.
If we came earlier we should have saved  my wife/ my father /my brother etc.,
who died in cancer/ kidney failure/ paralysis like that. After our training you are learning to prevent diseases and to  cure all diseases in this world.
Thank u very much for  your interest in our training.
Get date of the next training by phone or by sms to 9381003653 or by  email to  Please confirm  by registering your name in advance.
We have to prepare Xerox notes for you if u r coming.
For English training you can book your name in advance. We will iform you the date for it.  OR if  there are above 2 persons to attend the training in English then you select your own dates for English training.  This training will be conducted 3 months once in Tamil.
Thank you.
AVG Reddy


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