• Maximum Members who attended the training : 20 members but chairs are available
    (You can bring maximum 20 people. If any person bring more than 6 members then the member will get Rs500 for each person, for 6 members 5 x 500 = 3000 in addition to permission to attend training without fees.)
  • Training : Every 3 months once.
  • Purchase books and DVD by giving cash.

Please attend any training as below on Nov 28, 29 & 30 Saturday to Monday . Our training will teach you with scientific proof on how to live in this world  for 300 years  with youth, health, strength and energy.

Our Next training details are as below.
5th  Sunday coming month, training will be from  Saturday and Sunday Training is  in Tamil.
Fees is Rs. 4000/-  including food, and free lodging in training centres.
Bring bed sheet to stay.
VCD, DVD for 900 herbals photo with details name in all languages
and uses, and video cinema of herbals, yoga VCD for many  hours, how to do Pranayam and  yoga lecture are available at Rs200 per DVD.
Book on Antioxidant
Book on pH value
Book on  fats
Book on cholesterol & Homocysteine,
Book on miracles of natural diet cure
Book on fasting cure
Book on short falls of vitamins minerals causes dideases, how to rectify it
Book on herbal cure.
All books will be given at training.
All trainees last time cried with tears telling  that we are very late for this training. If we came earlier we should have saved  my wife/ my father /my brother etc., who died in cancer/ kidney failure/ paralysis like that.
After our training you are learning to prevent diseases and to  cure all diseases in this world.  Learning to live in this world  for 300 years  with youth , health  , strength and  energy.

Thank u very much for  your interest in our training.
Get date of the next training by phone or by sms to 9381003653
or by  email to avgbabu@vsnl.com
Please confirm  by registering your name in advance.
We have to prepare Xerox notes for you if you are coming.